Report on MAD|HD

This afternoon I had the pleasure of introduction the Dictionary to other people at Universität Heidelberg working in the area of digital humanities, at the “Method & Applications Digital Humanities | Heidelberg”. A crowd of people showed up at the Handschriftenlesesaal to hear brief presentations of a variety of projects, ranging from the Dictionary, to searching texts in Sanskrit, to unmanned “helicopters” for photographing archaeological sites. It was a great opportunity for laying the foundation for networking and collaboration: Many people are working on projects which could fruitfully interact with each other, or have skills that another project could use. As is usual at workshops, the real benefit came in the coffee breaks, when I spoke with a number of people who know people, both in Heidelberg and elsewhere, who would be interested in the Dictionary and whose projects we’d reciprocally be interested in. Since the Dictionary will only be as good as it is useful, these sorts of collaborative connections are exactly what we hope to form at this stage of development. I hope in future posts to follow up on some of these other projects, which I expect will be of interested as much to users of the DMNES as they are to the makers of the DMNES.

In the slides from my presentation you can read more about the motivations for the creation of the Dictionary, as well as see some screenshots from the prototype, to see a hint of what’s to come:

Presentation slides.

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