Sneak peak

Our technical guru has been hard at work putting together the Dictionary‘s front end, and last night I got a sneak preview of where things stand. The first edition won’t have all the bells and whistles, but it will have all the data, and what I’ve seen so far is pretty darned awesome. (I think I may have used the words “coolest thing ever”, but hyperbole is allowed when you’re seeing glimpses of the fruit of 20+ years of your life.) The neatest part about finally having a published version of the Dictionary is being able to do easy, at a glance, comparisons, such as how common a name was over a temporal or geographic spread, or how many languages it shows up in, or the variety of spellings within a language. I spent a good 20 minutes simply clicking through random entries, and could easily have lost my entire evening to doing this.

It’s so very exciting to watch everything coming together. Let the countdown can begin: 18 days to publication!



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2 responses to “Sneak peak

  1. There are really NO words to describe how excited I am to see the first version of the DMNES go live – thank you for all of your hard work!

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