1 week

WordPress informs me that 1 year ago today is when we started the Dictionary‘s blog. How far we’ve come!. The calendar pages are flipping and we’re counting down the days, one week left to go before publication.

So let’s celebrate with a few stats! Some different ones from the usual…

These are the (rough) numbers of names per century (names whose date span a century, or whose dates begin with ‘c’ or ‘a’ are not included in this count, but their presence would not significantly change the results):

700s: 13.
800s: 293.
900s: 209.
1000s: 319.
1100s: 2251.
1200s: 1355.
1300s: 2124.
1400s: 1394.
1500s: 6352.

Here’s another breakdown, in numbers, by country/region:

Brabant: 102.
Czech Republic: 419.
England: 6675.
France: 4030.
Germany: 1944.
Italy: 232.
Malta: 9.
The Netherlands: 272.
Scotland: 199.
Spain: 523.
Sweden: 121.
Switzerland: 3.
Other: 10.

And these are just a snapshot, of how things stand at this moment. I’ve just found a new source, a roll from Paris, 1418, and somehow I’ve got a feeling I’ll be working on transcribing that over the rest of the afternoon.


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