The best laid plans…

Alas, we are not quite going to make the January 2015 date as we planned. As alluded to in the previous post, at the beginning of the month our chief technical guru who is putting together the database and the primary search interface got sent on a two-week overseas business trip with 10 days notice (he’ll be back on Monday). There are a few last tweaks that need to be made to the website before it can go live, and they are waiting on him — in particular, right now the test version is only maintained locally, so we need him to do the final upload to the server.

Our sincere apologies: We’ve been working towards a January release date for around 4 months, and it’s of course frustrating to not quite make it. But so long as we rely on the generosity of volunteers who donate their time unpaid to the project, we have to work around delays like this when they arise. We will have things up and running as soon after our tech guy is back as is possible.

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