Where we’re at

We must apologize for the recent radio silence and the lack of updates since missing our target publication date of the end of January. Unfortunately, the business that took our chief technical guru over to the US for two weeks has not concluded (though at least it did return him back to the correct side of the pond), and since that business is the one that pays his bills, we must continue to be patience. The website is about one day’s worth of work away from being ready, but when that day will come, we are not yet sure. I’d like to say before the middle of this month, but I’d rather not make any promises.

In the meantime, we’re making good use of the extra time to continue reviewing individual citations and also finishing up new entries, so at least the wait will result in a bigger, better first edition.

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  1. Chris Forzetting

    Please don’t think that you have an obligation or requirement to document your work. Documenting what you are doing takes time away from actually doing it (as any government worker knows too well). Thank you all for your efforts.

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