Mystery Monday: Obergia

Every Monday we will post an entry that hasn’t yet been published with a view towards harnessing the collective onomastic power of the internet. If you have any thoughts about the name’s origin, other variants it might be related to, other examples of its use, etc., please share them in the comments! If you wish to browse other Mystery Monday names, there is an index.

Today’s name is a lovely and unusual feminine name found in 12th C France. Do you recognize it? It’s a DMNES hapax legomenon, so we’d love any insight you can share.



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5 responses to “Mystery Monday: Obergia

  1. A cognate of OE Osburg, with the first syllable standing for a reduced form of the equivalent to ōs? I’m not finding any ready orthographic parallels on PASE but its temporal cut-off point is decades before the date of your example (and Anglocentric of course!)

  2. Jörg Knappen

    I’d postulate a prototheme Adal, going down the road Adal > Al > Au > O.

  3. Brian M. Scott

    I think that Jörg Knappen has the right general idea but the wrong prototheme: I suggest instead PGmc. *auðaz ~ auðan ‘wealth; happiness’, Morlet’s AUD- (ON Auð-, OE Ēād-). Morlet does not have Obergia, but she does have Otbergia (for the deuterotheme) and Ofridus, Ogerius, Ogisla, Ogisus, Ohaidis, Omundus, and Oricus with fully reduced prototheme, not to mention many citations with partially reduced Au-, including Auburgis.

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