Welcome to our summer interns!

Exciting developments are afoot at DMNES central, as we’ve partnered with Mt Holyoke College in Massachusetts for their summer internship programme, which means that we have four research interns working for us for the next 8-12 weeks! So many back-burner projects are being brought to the front burner and are now already bubbling away.

In addition to working behind the scenes, each will write a few blog posts updating their progress and what they’re learning/finding out, as well as take over the twitter account for a week. In this post, we’d like to let them briefly introduce themselves:

Adelia Brown:

Hi, I’m Adelia Brown, and I’m a rising junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Philosophy and English. During the semester, I love studying logic, ethics, and horror literature. Right now, I’m living at home with my family, including my Bernese Mountain Dog, Simon.

By working on this project, I’m hoping to learn a lot about names, as well as about the research process itself. I hope I can contribute to the project in a meaningful way and take away valuable experience in the academic field. I’m so excited to join this team for the summer!

Juliet Pepe:

I’m Juliet Pepe, a college senior majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. I’ve always been fascinated by names, history, and linguistic systems, so I’m really excited to be working on the DMNES this summer!

I’ll be starting with a project involving indexing biblical names, and then I will be working on an article with Dr. Uckelman on the rise of Protestant names in the second half of the 16th century. I will also be developing new skills in determining canonical name forms to create dictionary entries. I’m so looking forward to studying these names as pieces of linguistic history!

Sidney Boker:

I am a rising senior and English major at Mount Holyoke College from New York. I love reading, bothering my sister, and drinking chai. Working with the DMNES team this summer, I hope to contribute to the expansion of the Dictionary, solve some mystery names, and dive into Arthurian literature! I also hope to learn a whole lot about onomastics, gain research experience, and get to know the people at DMNES.

K. J. Lewis

I’m a rising Junior at Mount Holyoke College, studying Physics, Engineering, and English. I love languages, and have studied (in varying amounts) Spanish, Japanese, German, and Chinese. Languages are a great way to learn about different cultures, and they provide a doorway to communicate with people from those cultures. I’ve also always loved studying history and learning more about the world, so when I saw this opportunity to learn more about onomastics and medieval Europe, I was hooked. Getting to study Arthurian legend and relive my childhood dreams of being a knight is only a bonus.

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  1. Don Campbell

    What a cool idea! I’ve already learnt something from these internships as I had to google what a “rising junior” was, and also found that MHC is Emily Dickinson’s alma mater. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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