About the DMNES


The dictionary aims to contain all given (fore, Christian) names recorded in European sources written between 600 and 1600, minus the names of historical/non-contemporary people, and names occurring only in fictional literature or poetry. Development of the dictionary is planned in two phases:

  • First phase: Sources from Great Britain, Iceland, Scandinavia, Iberia, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary
  • Second phase: Sources from Eastern Europe (Romania, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, etc.)

What’s new?

The Dictionary is in the beginning stages of development. For updates on the Dictionary‘s progress, please follow our blog.


Editorial staff

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Sara L. Uckelman, Durham University, EiC@dmnes.org

Editorial assistants:

  • Nicholas Adams, independent scholar
  • Genora Grim, University College London
  • Dr. Nina Shiel, Dublin City University
  • Dr. J. A. MacGowan, Oxford (DMNES project leader 2014).
  • Dr. Mariann Slíz, Eötvös Loránd University
  • Rachel Steffensen, independent scholar
  • Christine Woodhams, independent scholar

Technical staff

Web design and development: Arnfríður Ingvarsdóttir

Database design and development: Dr. Joel Uckelman


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