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Turning the delay to our advantage

Normally, a good day is one in which 3 new entries are completed, reviewed, and finalized, allowing us to make slow and steady progress through the ~1700 entries that are not yet finished (the number fluctuates regularly as new individual citations are entered requiring the creation of place-holder files for new header names). This weekend, however, upon learning that our technical guru will soon be released from his current responsibilities and hopes to be able to return to helping us sometime this week, the thought crossed my mind — could we get to 1000 entries before we publish? What an amazing milestone to shoot for, even if it’s but a drip in the entire onomastic pool.

At the beginning of the weekend, we had 807 entries completed. As of this writing, we now have 839 — 32 new entries over roughly 2.5 days! The entries range from Hermanmar, an unusual trithematic Germanic name, to Minerva, a Roman goddess name that came into use in the Italian Renaissance, to the 16th C feminine name Ralphe, proving that the English have used unusual unisex names for centuries.

From Amicus to Zbygniew the names have origins ranging from Latin to German to Slavic and more, and the citations for these names range from the 9th C through to the 16th C, covering most of western, and some of eastern, Europe. As we begin to think again about the publication of the first edition, we certainly can’t regret the delay too much, seeing how the result is to be able to provide a richer, more diverse collection of names.


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