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Mind your (P’s and) Q’s

The last week or so we’ve been transferring our energies from entering new data to reviewing, editing, and finalizing data already entered. This has ramped up even more so in view of the first edition waiting to come out at the end of this month, and this afternoon I spent a bit of time crunching some numbers to find places where we could make some claim to “completeness”. Looking through each letter’s folder, for both header names and individual citations, I found that the Q folders had relatively few files in them that hadn’t yet been reviewed, so I sat down to write, review, and finalize them. As of about half an hour ago, every single file in those folders is now ready to go live. There are five header names — masculine Quentin, Quieton, Quintana, and Quirinus, and feminine Quiteria — and 17 individual citation, all of which are variants of one of these five names, except for one: The rather lovely Quodavertus, an unusual Latin variant of Godfrey.

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