Introducing: Solution Saturday!

For a few years now, on Mondays we’ve been posting “mystery” entries, where we’ve harnessed the collective onomastic power of the internet to crowdsource the origin/etymology of the name. One of the big plans for our research interns this summer was to start solving some of those mysteries — that is, going through the archive of Mystery Monday posts and whether we now have sufficient information to positively identify (or positively identify that we can’t identify!) a particular name.

So we’re very pleased to introduce Solution Saturday where we go through the “solved” names and say a bit about the answer to the mystery (and thank the people who have contributed their time, knowledge, and expertise). We probably won’t have have a solution every Saturday, but we’re excited to make progress on these names over the coming months, and present some of the solutions in the next edition (currently aiming for a publication date in September 2020). Check back next week for our first solution!

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